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Company: Mouser Electronics

Project: Header & Home Page Responsive Redesign

I was the Business Analyst on a major project to redesign the website's header and home page.

The business analysis I executed spanned the responsive redesign of the header and home page across 4 screen sizes, dozens of domains, 3 header types, JavaScript being on or off, and 18 languages.

My responsibilities included the following.


  • Identifying, engaging, and managing stakeholders

  • Eliciting and confirming requirements

  • Analyzing and documenting requirements

  • Engaging with the user interface/experience designer

  • Securing approval of the requirements documentation

  • Supporting the development and quality assurance teams

  • Managing, documenting, communicating, and implementing requirement changes

  • Developing training materials

  • Developing reference material for internal teams

I delivered 123 pages of Software Requirements Specification (SRS) documentation, one SRS for each of the 3 code bases of the project:


  1. Header Redesign - Website Code (56 pages)

  2. Home Page Redesign - Website Code (43 pages)

  3. Home Page Redesign - Content Management System (24 pages)

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