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In 2019 I began toying with the idea of designing a board game. That's a ways down the road, but I realized I have a very transferable skill set as a Business Analyst with a passion for documentation. It occurred to me that I could leverage my communication, organization, planning, requirements, analysis, documentation, and English language expertise for the board game industry.
Board Game Editor History
January 2022 Joined Doteira Games as the board game Editor for their debut game, Phantom Epoch. Their Kickstarter launches in January 2023!
March 2021
(1) Resumed my partnership with Thunderworks Games as an Editor to develop a wiki for the Roll Player Universe, Ulos. Unfortunately this project was paused within months.
(2) Joined as the board game Editor for Keun Games' debut board game, Shadows: Heroes & Monsters which had a successful Kickstarter in Spring 2022.
March 2020 - Joined Thunderworks Games as board game Editor for Roll Player Adventures (RPA), the follow-up to the smash hit Roll Player. RPA had an extremely successful Kickstarter in Summer 2020!
My Board Game Hobby Story
I have always enjoyed board games. Like many, I grew up with Uno, CheckersMonopolyStratego, Candy Land, and The Game of Life. I taught myself Chess and Backgammon, and I cherished games of Chinese Checkers with my grandma. Hailing from Indiana, I also played a lot of Euchre.
Fast-forward to my mid-twenties when a friend introduced me to this cool game that had won a bunch of awards. Enter: Pandemic. It was my first foray into collaborative games. I remember my mind being blown: it's all players against the game - what was this craziness? It was my gateway game into the hobby of board gaming.
Shortly thereafter came Catan, and my mind was blown again: it's competitive but there are many paths to victory - what was this craziness? It was my first Euro game.
Over the next few years I hosted game nights to play board games, gaining exposure to my friends' recommendations for new titles to check out.
For a while my game collection was not much to write about, but it was something, and it was steadily growing.
Finding friends interested to play more frequently became a challenge eventually.
In 2018 I founded the Fort Worth Book, Movie, & Game Club Meetup Group. It only existed for a year, but it was my catalyst to the Fort Worth Game Night Facebook Group, and through this group I've met amazing people, played amazing games, attended a couple board gaming conventions, and fallen in love with the hobby. Board Game Geek may as well be my Internet browser's home page.
In December 2019 my board game library hit a count of 100, and I got my first Board Game Geek badge.
I log all of my board game plays, listen to about a dozen board gaming podcasts, enjoy reading rule books, and greatly enjoy hosting game nights with friends. Down the road I would like to develop and publish one of my many board game design ideas.
I had the great pleasure of attending Gen Con Online in 2020 and in person in 2021 and 2022. Already looking forward to 2023!
Here is my BGG profile page if you'd like to view my board game library.
Below are some fun photos from BGG CON 2019. I got to meet Elizabeth Hargrave, Matt Leacock, Richard Ham, and Kelly North Adams! (Click the image to enlarge.)
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