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The Secrets of Effective Networking Webinar

Look at all of these of lunchtime webinar opportunities this week!

Wednesday during lunch I had the pleasure to attend a webinar on professional networking that was hosted by Next Step Recruiting with guest speaker Carol Brickell, a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC).

During the webinar Carol shared a variety of tips and suggestions for people looking to grow their professional network and/or discover new career opportunities. It was very engaging, informative, thought-provoking, and inspiring.

I particularly enjoyed how engaging it was both between the guest speaker and audience and between participants in the chat. I ended up connecting with several people on LinkedIn.

Attending the webinar was a good reminder for me that it's just as important to give to your professional network as it is to leverage it. If someone (I know) ever needs an introduction or reference, etc., I want to give back in these ways, so reach out to me!

Some really great material was provided at the webinar:

  • Sample bio (The sample bio is meant to share about your background, strengths, interests, accomplishments, professional goals, etc.)

  • Sample networking letters (These are a great way to start a conversation with key members of your professional network.)

  • Information about the Information Interview (The Information Interview is a meeting you initiate for the purposes of gaining additional knowledge from a person with hands-on experience. In contrast to a job interview, you are the interviewer and the ball is in your court regarding the content and flow.)

  • Presentation slides (For reference.)

Thanks to Next Step Recruiting and Carol for this great webinar!

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